G-FORCE Lands First Airfield
Striping Project in Alabama

three members at first airfield striping project in alabama
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) upholds stringent rules and regulations when it comes to pavement specifications for airfields. And , for good reason. When fully loaded with cargo and fuel, aircraft can weigh half a million pounds or more. That stress can quickly cause deformation and deterioration of taxiway and landing strip pavement if not properly designed and maintained. While pavement markings may not be impacted as much by aircraft weight , they are susceptible to wear and tear from turning wheels, along with wind, rain, heat, and other environmental elements.

To combat premature deterioration, airport authorities require contractors to use highly polymerized paving materials or concrete. The guidelines for pavement markings are just as strict, forcing service providers to utilize high-performance striping materials that offer the best life-cycle cost.

Recently, G-FORCE team members took to learning more about airport pavement markings after seeing a need for high-performing striping materials at airfields. With an eye on expanding their portfolio of services, G-FORCE sent three of their franchise partners to a symposium on airfield markings presented by SightLine, the leader in airfield markings training.

“It comes down to safety,” said Jack Child, G-FORCE and Veteran Service Brands Owner. The former military and commercial pilot knows a thing or two about the importance of airport pavement markings, having spent 39 years navigating airfields all around the world . “Airfield markings convey accurate information to pilots and drivers, allowing them to safely navigate what can be a very busy airfield. The performance of the pavement markings is essential to ensure the safety of everyone on the airfield.”

With 32 locations nationwide, G -FORCE now has the manpower and geographic reach to help clients with unique pavement striping projects when quantity and quality are paramount. This was evident in December when the Anniston Regional Airport authorities awarded G-FORCE the bid for their airport pavement improvements. Ultimately, G-FORCE Baltimore crews drove to Alabama to lead this project, working on behalf of the Alabama location that bid the job.

For G-FORCE franchise partners , working together on projects like this is part of the draw to G-FORCE and their elite lineup of services, “Everyone works as a team, regardless of where they are around the country,” said Child. “We operate with full transparency, a steady flow of communication and seek collaboration whenever possible.” He continues, “We want every franchise partner to feel supported in their journey, whether via the products and equipment or the knowledge and educational opportunities we have available as an organization.”

The Anniston Regional Airport project was completed in March. It consisted of 19,000 linear ft of 6” black markings, 8,000 linear ft of 6” yellow marking, four preform thermoplastic runway designations, and other miscellaneous tasks.

According to Rob Young, G-FORCE Franchise Partner in North Alabama, there was a lot of urgency with this project, “The FAA required the Anniston Regional Airport to put this project out for bid because of the degradation of the thermoplastic designations. A pavement issue like that can potentially be a safety concern.” The work took crews 19 hours to complete, spaced out over two days. Young noted, “Airport authorities were very pleased with the quality of work we delivered.”

The Anniston Regional Airport striping project is the first airport project G-FORCE crews have completed to date. Young noted, “This is an exciting time for our organization. We will be able to add this to our portfolio of work to show our customers the quality of work we are capable of.”

G-FORCE is a team of industry veterans and military veterans with over 350 years of combined military service. Guided by their principles of Service, Integrity, and Pride in everything they do, they are able to handle any Pavement Marking or Parking Lot Service needs, big or small, across large parts of the country.

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